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ESPN Unite

With UNITE, ESPN was looking to find a late-night college-aged audience. We did this by billing the show as the place "Where Sports and Stuff Unite." What kind of stuff? Stupid stuff, weird stuff, cats riding turtles stuff. You know the guys who switch over to Adult Swim after the late Sportscenter is over? The kind of stuff those guys care about. Then we branded the show with a hand-drawn campaign that posed absurd hypotheticals to get the conversation started.

Agency:     WONGDOODY, Los Angeles

Copywriter:     Joe Beutel

Creative Direction:     Sean Vij & Court Crandall

Animation & Editorial:     WOODSHOP

Sound Design:     Robot Repair





UNITE Twitter Board Questions // Social Media

The ESPN UNITE board was filled with absurd questions regularly in an attempt to get viewers involved as well as to establish a unique voice that would stand out from other ESPN properties.