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This is the ever-growing art direction, design and illustration portfolio of Christopher Berry. Currently headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. 


Brooks Running

Brooks running shoes are often perceived as exclusive to hardcore runners. This has partly been due to their limited availability through specialty retailers. In an attempt to draw in casual fitness runners, Brooks has begun to widen its distribution to mass-market sporting goods stores.

The Run Happy campaign was created to push the pure joy of running to this wider audience.

Agency:     NORTH, Portland

Copywriter:     Nick Carter  & Jim Carey

Creative Direction:    Mark Ray





Run Happy Institute // Digital

The Run Happy Institute was an educational flash movie built for the Brooks Running homepage. It features Guitar Hero style games that asks users to pound out rhythms with their feet (well, their keyboard actually). No matter the games' results, the Institute always gives users information on the best shoes to keep them running happy.